Client Testimonials

“I was really stuck in a diet and exercise rut until I found Dante and his great training center and program. Only two months into the program (as of today), but I have already lost weight, found my old energy and, most importantly, discovered the motivation to keep it up and take the weight off! He shares his wisdom and good conversation and pushes you to the limits that you really can achieve. Worth every penny!”

– Christie W., San Diego

“Your Body by Dante is awesome! I got a stellar deal and decided to try it. After four kids, like my last a set of twins, I am trying to get back in shape. I feel challenged at the boot camps and am seeing results that are making me happy. I also make my 13-year-old son do some boot camps with me. We love it!!! This place is great, and they have many different boot camps available all throughout the week. I work at a high school, so I like going to the 6 a.m. boot camp so I can take care of my workout before work. Thank you, Dante, for keeping me motivated to shed this unwanted after baby weight!!!”

– Bridget B., San Diego

“I have gone from a size 10 to size 2, 145 pounds to 125 pounds after working with Dante for six months. I am a fan. I am a steady customer and an advocate for Your Body by Dante. Behind Dante’s enthusiasm is a committed experienced professional who will get the results you are looking for.”

– Sue Waters, San Diego

“Dante’s ability to work with clients of different ability levels, with a wide variety of personal training goals, is amazing. I would not have been able to accomplish this task on my own. For those who are serious about improving their mobility, strength, muscle tone and overall health, Dante can help make that journey happen. He is a true professional and an awesome person!”

- Nancy Vaccaro
Starting Weight :227lbs
Current Weight: 135 lbs”

“The physical results I experienced from training with Dante were exceptional. I went from being a relatively fit, moderately active person to a conditioned athlete. Often when working with a trainer single trainer for an extended time the routine and progress can stagnate. Dante made sure this never happened and was always one step ahead of me when the time came to adjust my program. I experienced continued results throughout my time with him.”

2003: Dr Dea Mozingo
Archaeologist & Paleoethnobotanist
425 Lindbergh Drive NE D-2
Atlanta, Ga 30305 404-664-1240

“At a December 2001 visit to my orthopedic surgeon, I was advised that there were two options available to alleviate my knee problems”…”Since that time I have had the fortune to be trained by Dante Nash”…”the effect that these sessions produced is outstanding.”

7-2003 Howard S Rothman
4016 Flowers Road Suite 450-A
Atlanta, Ga 30360 770-451-4200 Tel#

“I have been his client (Dante) for a year and half”…”He is punctual, dependable, and knowledgeable”…”If I feel down or depressed, he always cheers me up”…

8-2003 Mary Anne Cowgill, R.PSG T., R.EEG T.
Director, Clinical Services Sleep Disorders Center of Georgia

“After being a vegetarian for 10 years and not really looking at the way I ate, the challenge was on. I began reading food labels and started looking for protein in every available food I could find”…”I’m gradually seeing the muscle definition that I’ve always wanted to see”…

Ms Sharon Parson, Teacher, Jan 2001.

“My personal training experience has been challenging and rewarding”…”Dante, thanks for being patient with me, pushing me and motivating me…

Shameka Wright, Teacher, Feb 2002

December 1999- Dress Size 20
December 2000- Dress Size 6
“When people ask me how I did it…I tell them The 3-D’s…Discipline, Determination, and Dante!“

Melissa King, US Army, Jan 2001

“On September 2000, I weighed 130lbs with 26% body fat”…Two months later I weighed in at 118lbs with 13% body fat”…’I felt better about myself and had a higher self esteem… ”Thanks Dante”…

Grace Couson, RN, Nov 2000

“Dante has helped me trim some of the fat, without losing the curves”…”my abs are much stronger now, and although I have never had a problem with fat in the stomach area, it feels good to be tighter and a little more cut”…

Kathleen Chester, MCSE,Jan 2003

“I’m 43 with a history of never exercising”…”Dante is real. He’s firm, friendly, caring, and professional. He made it his goal to help me achieve my goal. The results I’m getting are amazing. Everyone I know has noticed and I have no doubt that when I go on my trip, I will be ready and it will be enjoyable and I will have Dante to thank for that!”

Kathy Couch, Business owner, 1-2003

“Dante has geared my diet to burn fat and build muscle”…He really kicks my A&& with the weight training”…”It’s been 6 weeks and I can already see results”…

Roger, Computer Programmer, 2-2002

‘Dante has been an outstanding Personal Trainer”…”I have now been with him for 6 weeks and the results are amazing”…”I couldn’t think of a better way to spend your time and money”…

Marjory Mannion, Pharmaceuticals Representative, 3-2003

“After years of going to the gym and never fully realizing the benefits, it was apparent my workouts needed a change”…”Following a few failed attempts at working out with a personal trainer, I was luckily referred to Dante. During our initial meeting he took the time to understand my goals and what I was looking for in a personal trainer”… “I have now been training with Dante for six weeks and I’m already starting to see results. Because his workouts are very different from the typical gym routines, they are allowing me to strengthen muscles groups which were previously neglected. These muscles will help create a strong core to serve as a foundation from which I can successfully work towards my physical goals”…

Brian Monjazeb, Business owner, 7-2008

I have always dreaded the thought of exercising – I have put up so many blocks such as “when I loose some weight”, “when I am less tired”, and my personal favorite “when I have some more time”. But after struggling with my weight and finally loosing a significant amount (over 100 lbs) and then putting half of it back on – I knew that weight loss without exercise is not an option. I decided that I needed a trainer – someone who would support me, encourage me and push me when I didn’t want to go any further but also knew when to tell me that I had done enough. I found that trainer in Dante Nash.

Dante pushes me and encourages me in such a way that I actually feel that I can do it – not for him but for me – Dante reminds me of the bigger goal and keeps me focused on what it is that I want to obtain. I wont lie and say I love to exercise now – I just see it as something that I do because I have to. Dante keeps me on top of my regiment and makes the time we train together different and interesting each time and with his in-depth knowledge of exercise and the human body as a machine. He ensures that I get not only Cardio but Strength training as well. His one on one approach and his ability to make me laugh when I feel like I am about to cry from the effort ensures I reach my exercise goals when I am training with him.

Dante has a very personal approach and always follows up with me after an increase in our training program to see how I am going and to check in with me when he sense I am struggling to maintain my exercise schedule. His support and assistance are invaluable.

Rachel Tothill RN, 2-2008

Remember when you were a child and you used to ride your bike, throw a ball, run around the trees in your backyard?  Remember when that was called “play”?    Moving your body was fun… then you grew up, called it exercise, and decided that sitting on the couch watching t.v. was much more fun than riding your bike and running along the beach in the sand.   Now that I am working out with ‘Your Body By Dante’, I remember once again how moving is FUN!  Sure it is sometimes painful (my abs and quads have never worked so hard!)  but it is always fun!   My workout with Dante is challenging, effective, ever changing, unpredictable, and simply a blast!   We throw balls, ride bikes along Mission Bay , do calisthenics on the beach,  box,  and basically just ‘play’.   Plus Dante always greets me with a smile, uses positive encouragement to push me to my mental and physical limits, and makes me the best I can be. 
 I have had other personal trainers before and always used to dread my workout sessions.  Sometimes I would purposely show up late to cut the time short.  But you can be sure I always show up early for Dante’s workout!   My body is on its way to a whole new level of fitness and I plan to continue working out with Dante for a long long time!

Katrhyn Graham, PhD, 7-2008