Personal training

The Total Body Transformation starts with a dream…a dream to be your best YOU!

At Your Body By Dante we help you reach your highest potential.

First, we perform an in-depth fitness assessment to create your current fitness profile.

Next, we help you establish some short term and long term weight loss goals to ensure your success.

We will work together to develop long-lasting healthy eating strategies and you will learn how your body responds to the food you eat. We have proven method to help you reach your fitness goals whether it’s weight loss or muscle building. Your will be reviewing your food journal on each visit to ensure you are following your recommended food choices.

Each workout will be specifically designed to your fitness level to maximize your results.

Each month we will perform another fitness assessment to make sure your body is responding to our proven system. With the Total Body Transformation system you can expect to lose 8-20 pounds each month!

The Total Body Transformation Program will teach you how to eat, drink, sleep, and exercise safely to achieve your fitness goals safely and quickly.

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Personal Training Packages

Personal Training session:

Duration- 60 minutes
Cost- $80 (when purchasing less than 12 sessions monthly)

Training Packages

• 12-Sessions: $70/1-hour
• 24-Sessions: $65/1-hour
• 36-Sessions: $60/1-hour

BUDDY RATE- 2 People

• $60-Per Person/1-hour

TEAM Rate- 3-4 People

•$150 per session/1- hour