Is it true that lifting weights will make me bulky while I’m trying to lose weight?

The most important factor in your weight loss journey will be what you eat and drink. “Cardio is described as an activity that keeps your heart rate in your ‘fat burning zone ‘or ‘cardiorespiratory training zone’ for a duration of time. You gain body weight when you have an excess of calories in comparison to the amount of daily physical activity you are involved in. here’s an example; if you eat 3500 calories a day but you only burn 3000 calories a day, you will retain 500 calories at the end of the day. Over the course of seven days, you will net an excess of 3500 calories (3500 calories equal 1 pound) thus, you will have gained 1 pound. This may seem like a lot of calories to consume but consider not all calories are ‘eaten’. Most ‘extra’ calories are ingested by drinking sweet coffee drinks, fruit juice, alcohol, and soda.
It’s been found that a combination of weight training and cardio can be used to reshape the body into a lean, mean, fat burning machine! You really need to be doing both to transform your body and ensure the weight stays off. There are also other modes that should be utilized…you should also be improving your agility as well as increasing your balance, coordination and core strength. That way, you know how to move with your new body!
If a Trainer tells you “you are gaining muscle” while you are supposed to be losing weight (and that’s why the scale is going up), I would guess your trainer doesn’t have a lot of experience with weight loss and is telling you a falsehood. If you start making healthy food choices, I expect you to start losing weight the very first week!

How much of my weight loss is water weight?

50-70% of the adult human body is water. It stands to reason that when your body is composed of so much water, you will lose water weight as well as shrinkage of fat cells. Don’t let anyone discourage you in your early stages of healthy weight loss. It’s true, you will lose some water weight. It’s only natural. The body loses weight thru sweating, urination, exhaling (breathing hard from exercise) and through the energy utilized by the body which comes directly from your fat tissue.
So, don’t get discouraged when some says “you only lost water weight”.
Describing yourself by one of the three somatotypes is just a limiting belief and a rationalization for failure.

Should I do a detox before I start my weight loss program?

No. Good nutritional programs (like the ones we use) are rich with fruits and vegetables which are loaded with vitamins, water, and lots of fiber. These components provide an excellent cleanse for your body without all the gimmicky products and potions out there which promise to do same thing. Trust nature when it comes to cleansing your digestive system.

Should I be drinking protein shakes or protein bars to lose weight?

Generally speaking, none of us really know what is in protein powders whether they claim it soy, whey, or some other plant-based product. Most ingredients seem to be proprietary ingredients so they don’t have to tell us what’s in them because it’s a secret recipe (ha!). Those protein shakes and bars use models to sell their products and are simply looking to make a fast buck. Don’t believe the hype! I can help you lose weight quickly and safely just making regular visits to the grocery store!

What kind of alcohol can I drink and still lose weight?

I should have listed this one first. It may be the most frequently asked question we get during the fitness assessment. If you are serious about losing you weight, lose the booze. Don’t rationalize (rational lies) the reason why you need a drink. It’s probably one of the main reasons you are overweight. There are plenty of products out there with flavor in them that do not have calories. Alcohol is NOT one of those products. It directly affects your weight loss in a negative way so don’t even start with “I heard vodka is low in sugar’ speech. You will experience significant weight loss if you are not consuming alcohol regularly. That’s the truth. Let’s move on.

Are all Personal Trainers qualified to help me lose weight? Am I just looking for the cheapest Trainer I can find?

If I were looking for a Personal Trainer to help me lose weight, I would want to know that I was the not first person the Trainer tried to help. I don’t mean checking YELP (only) or reading a bunch of testimonials that they coerced their friends to write. I would ask them for their portfolio and permission to speak with the people who have worked with him/ her before. If the Trainer has helped other people lose weight, their clients would kill to tell you all about how great they are. If the Trainer does not have before and after’s to represent their training theory, thank them for their time and get out of there before you get ripped off. I have heard horror stories about clients supposedly “losing inches” instead of pounds (my favorite) and all the silly excuses Personal Trainers give their clients because they are not keeping their promise to hold the client accountable. Investigate BEFORE you give that ‘so-called’ Fitness Professional your money.